The sweet tradition of taste


It all began with a fudge candy...

In 1993 Grzegorz Dobosz was striving to find the perfect taste of the traditional Polish fudge. Thus, he created his first production line. He decided to found his company in his hometown of Trzebież – a charming place located at Stettin Bay. Having given his name to the company, he guaranteed the highest quality of all ingredients and of the entire process of sweets production.

Sweets, pralines, chocolates

The willingness to share sweet pleasure, passion for new tastes and ability to win over committed workers and suppliers from all over the world were the reasons that ensured Grzegorz Dobosz quickly developed his company. Later, his son Daniel joined him and the small plant was turned into a large factory. New products were introduced, e.g. toffee, ‘’ptasie mleczko”, gelatin desserts, dragees and many more.

The plum, yogofruits and... fudge in chocolate!

Today Dobosz has got more than 30 different types of sweets based on carefully crafted recipes and made from ingrendients of highest quality – without preservatives or food colouring. The basis for the Plum in Chocolate are carefully selected fruits which ripen in the biggest plantation in the sunny State of California. The basis for the Yogofruit are freeze-dried raspberries and strawberries. All Dobosz products are made in accordance with the following systems: BRC and HACCP.

Grzegorz Dobosz starts first production line of the „Krówka” fudge
The plant in Trzebież is being developed and starts production of new types of confectionery.
Dobosz is given its first prize – the Golden Horseshoe at a Fair.
The Ministry of Agriculture and Countryside Development grants Dobosz a decoration.
Dobosz receives the „Pearl of Business” Prize.
available types of products
committed workers
steady receivers and providers
tons of annual sweets production
square metres of factory area

We export our products to the EU and also, among others, The USA, Australia, Japan, China, Afghanistan or Pakistan.

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